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Opening morning for the gecko life blog, and it’s a cool and hazy one above the valley here in Zona Norte of Costa Rica, specifically the rolling foothills below the cloud forests, above a small pueblo called San Francisco de las Penas Blancas, and incidentally a perfect habitat for the house gecko.  Gecko life is about adjusting to country living in the wet tropics after living most of my life since 1953 in a concrete desert — Los Angeles, California. It’s also about trying to become as self-sufficient as possible.  This is not a theoretical exploration.  My LA Unified teacher’s pension is tiny by US standards, and in a few years my capital will be exhausted, if not before.  So I have to become self-sufficient to survive, and I don’t have all day.

Chocolate gecko is mostly dedicated to chronicling thoughts and experiences while living and “farming” here in Zona Norte, Costa Rica  I was raised in the city, Los Angeles, California, and I know nothing about farming or gardening here except that I know almost nothing.  Thus, the theme of the versatile and talented gecko, a master of adaptation: 2000 species traveling and living around the world, displacing other species, chirping to his homies, space walking ceilings, hunting with night vision, eating everything and anything, but above all, moving, adapting, and surviving.



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