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Here’s a good view of our farm above and to the east of the residences in a somewhat wild state.  To the right is a forest that descends down to the Burrito River, witth maybe 400 meters of riverfront, and as you can see,on the left to the road there’s ample room for farm or gardening projects, such as our cocoa tree farm, the planting of 6000 trees to commence in a few weeks.

Hills SF Farm


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IMG_7054Summer has finally arrived a month late, but it sure is beautiful now up here at the Hills of SF, above the pueblo, below the rainforest.  We have almost 6000 cocoa tree seedlings we’re going to plant on our cooperative permaculture farm across the street from our homes.  When you retire here, you now have a typical Tico farm to wander around on, walk or drive a quad down to the wild Rio Burrito, swim in the local swimming hole with the local folks and kids, or walk through the forest along the river.  And eat the greatest food in the world (dark chocolate) from our chocolate business (in a few years).

Come visit us here at the La Fortuna Hotel in La Fortuna, and check out Hills of San Francisco at cacaogecko.com.


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